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The movie opens with a spinning coin moving past the camera and out of the frame.

The coin then spins up toward the camera and back down. In this shot the camera is facing towards the ground.

The camera is positioned near the ground and pans as the coin lands and rolls towards the camera.

The camera faces the oposite direction as the coin rolls past and moves towards a peice of paper in the distance. I omitted this shot before animation as it was unnecessary to tell the story.

Establishing shot of the paper/pen. The camera flies into the scene just above the pen and then slows as the coin rolls forward.

Camera follows the coin sideways as it hits the pen, jumps over, and continues to roll.

Camera follows the coin from above as it rolls past tag line 'more options than you think'

Camera looks down on coin as it comes to a stop in between the two option available on the menu on the disc.