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Stage 1: outside of computer

The movie begins with a computer monitor with a web page on it's screen. On this web page, there is a button labeled "Submit". The mouse pointer on the screen moves towards the button and clicks it. When the submit button is clicked, the camera quickly moves into the screen.

Stage 2: traversing the net

In this stage, the camera moves down a length of fibre optics cables meant to represent the internet. The cables are lit up by flashes of light.

Stage 3: into the case and beyond

At this stage, the camera emerges from the fibre optic cables to reveal an ethernet cable on the outside of a server case.

The camera turns to the left as it flies into the case. It continues its sideways move to reveal the pci cards inside the computer and the ribbon cables beyond.

The camera next flies in between the cables that hang down as it moves towards the cpu fan.

As the camera nears the Cpu fan, it spins around it before diving downwards into the cpu.