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Vudner Both: alien truck driver
AZ-m0v: repair robot
Tetra Zorbo: Jet setting alien/owner of smashed spaceship


1962 Otegra: space truck designed based on earth vehicles of the late 50's. this ship is owned by Vudner Both
shellship: the name "shellship" is only a working title for the ship that Vudner Both destroys through his ignorance.


My original story idea for the Vudner Both Project involved a rough redneck alien that was crude and stupid. This character (who evolved into Vudner Both) would be working as a long distance trucker delivering a shipment of supplies to a huge space station. The space station's docking bay would be filled mainly with expensive looking passenger spaceships. These privately owned ships would be parked along both sides of the docking bay.

As the alien trucker passed by the ships looking for a place to park, the audience would get the perception he wasn't fully aware of what he was doing. When the character did pick a spot to park, he would back into the space ship parked in the spot directly behind his ship and destroy it while the owner of the vehicle watched in horror.

As the story evolved in my mind, I decided to make the film take place in 1975, the year I was born. In the movie, the alien community of the galaxy eavesdrops on earth transmissions. Some of the species in the galaxy pattern their space ship designs and styles after earth trends. Vudner Both is one of those species.

At this point in time, I am unsure if i will ever complete this project. This film is something I work on every once in a while when I have little to do. Working on this project has tought me a great deal about computer animation techniques and has been an invaluable to me for that purpose.